Ramadan Gratitude Tree

Ramadan Gratitude Tree

Create a festive Gratitude Tree, and make it a Ramadan family tradition. Work with your kids to create an ornament for each day of Ramadan. Each day kids should write what they're grateful for on the backside and hang it on the tree.

Use art supplies you have at home — colored paper, cookie cutters for shapes, glue, paint, glitter, tassels, stickers, pom-poms…



  • Table top tree decor (2ft birch tree from amazon)
  • Paper
  • Islamic shaped cookie cutters OR use our free printable template which has 10 shapes
  • String, yarn or thin ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Clear glue
  • Paint, markers, crayons...
  • Pom-poms, tassels, glitter, craft jewels, sequins...


This this pretty straight forward- draw and cut out desired ornament shapes. Punch a hole at the top of each ornament. Decorate and add the string through the hole to hang.



The tree I used was purchased on Amazon for about $15, it is 2 feet tall and the best part is that it lights up! Look up “birch tree decor,” there are lots of nice options from various retailers. The tree I bought does not look the best close up, but I did not have the heart to put it back in the box/return it once the girls saw the tree. They were literally dancing with joy.

Backstory- This idea came to me in December, when each day my daughter (4 yo) came home from school, asking for a Christmas Tree. Seeing the neighborhood lights, and Christmas tree displays around town did not satisfy her. I kept reminding her how much fun we have on Eid and during Ramadan, and letting her know they’re right around the corner. I told her I would need her help decorating the house this year, and we would have a very special Ramadan Tree. 

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